Better Writing in 6 Steps

With six specific tutorials that transcend grammar, you’ll learn to produce concise, enjoyable prose.  Whether you’re composing a blog post or writing a short story, this class will improve your writing in specific, proven ways.

Instructor Message

I’m a professional writer and editor. I write well, and I get paid well to do it. Sure, I know the grammar rules. But, psst, let me tell you a secret . . . I taught middle school and college English for almost a decade, and I discovered that teaching grammar didn’t improve my students’ writing.  True story.  You don’t need to know grammar to write arresting prose; you need my six tutorials.

Learning Objectives

Create images with text by eliminating the worst word.
Entertain your readers by adding this specific element.
Break up your text in a creative way to design the mood of your piece.
Format your writing so you don’t look like an amateur.
Find and incorporate key search terms in your writing to increase traffic to your blog, otherwise known as SEO writing. 
Complete specific tasks before submitting to ensure your piece is well written.

Class Images

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Suggested Materials

Students should have at least one piece of writing to revise (e.g. a blog post, short story or essay).

Feedback Policy

In addition to answering questions, I’ll provide one in-depth, professional writing critique for a piece 1500 words or less, giving you useful, specific feedback.  I’m available M–Th 9:00AM–4:00PM.

Class Instructor

As a humor writer, Polly is known for her blunt comedy.  As a freelance web copywriter and editor, she creates concise, clear text. She studied writing, obtained M.Ed, received National Board Certification for Teachers, and perfected her presentation skills teaching English to middle school and college students. Author of Forget About Grammar: How to Write a Better Blog Post, Polly entertains while helping everyone from bloggers to businesses write well.  Find her at