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Better Writing in 6 Steps
Instructor: Polly Scott
Description: With six specific tutorials that transcend grammar, you’ll learn to produce concise, enjoyable prose.  Whether you’re composing a blog post or writing a short story, this class will improve your writing in specific, proven ways.
Category: language
Tags: blog posts blogs how to blog writing a book how to write where to write a blog write for a blog how do you write a blog why write a blog where can i write a blog how to blog writing class writing classes creative writing classes online writing class the writing class writing classes creative writing classes classes online blogs create a blog free blog free blogging writing class online classes write better better writing how to improve writing improve writing ways to improve writing writing class writing improve how to improve your grammar grammar correct grammar grammar check grammar rules grammar for writing grammar in writing writing a book

Bookbinding Basics
Instructor: Kate Cannon
Description: Discover an age-old skill–learn the basics of bookbinding to enjoy unlimited creative opportunities. The only requirement for this course is an eager mind and a thirst for creativity.
Category: crafts - othercrafts
Tags: book bookbinding papercrafting paper craft

Buttercream Basics
Instructor: Ashlee Prisbrey
Description: Anyone can make gorgeous cakes with the right tools and some simple tips and tricks. The videos will cover: baking tips; making a classic buttercream; trimming, filling and frosting your cake smooth; and stacking your cakes.
Category: food - cakes
Tags: Buttercream Cakes Icing Desserts Wedding Cakes Frosting

Clean and Natural Home
Instructor: Calli Taylor
Description: This course is designed to help you change your perspective on the work you do every day in your home. Learn about natural cleaning methods, creating routines, and ideas for making a home into a haven.
Category: home - cleaning
Tags: homekeeping cleaning

Cooking 101
Instructor: Carrian Cheney
Description: Cooking 101 is designed to help students become familiar with the basics of cooking and baking. Students will learn different terms, procedures and recipes to help them feel more comfortable and successful in the kitchen.
Category: food
Tags: cooking herbs chicken culinary food recipes knives

Coupon Secrets Revealed
Instructor: Corri Thomas
Description: Most people don't recognize that coupon is also a verb. In this class you will learn everything from the basics of couponing to many secrets of couponing that most people don't know know! You will also learn extreme couponing!
Category: other
Tags: Groceries grocery shopping money budget budgeting saving money shopping smart shopper shop saving savings cash free discount sales sale shopping

Crockpot Freezer Meals
Instructor: Corri Thomas
Description: You’ll get extra tips, better pics, and a free Bonus Lesson on couponing and price-matching.
Category: food - entrees
Tags: crockpot freezer meals recipe cook black bean taco soup vetegables cooking clover class chicken alfredo spinach teriyaki broccoli carrots red onion swiss cheese salsa zesty healthy cheap family dinner lunch couponing coupon inexpensive bag gallon hawaiian BBQ barbaque edadmame soy sauce corn starch garlic

Deciphering Patterns
Instructor: Sadie Fox Metter
Description: Do you enjoy sewing but feel intimidated by sewing patterns? This course will demystify garment sewing patterns and have you creating unique and stylish projects in no time.
Category: crafts - sewing
Tags: Sewing Patterns Commercial Patterns Understanding Learn Use How to Use deciphering patterns sewing with patterns patterns deciphered

Define Your Time™
Instructor: Nicole Carpenter
Description: This 4-part time-management course will help you manage your schedule, balance your life and get more done. Define Your Time™ is designed specifically for busy moms and guides you through a series of audio trainings and printable workbook.
Category: other
Tags: time management busy mom balance life and family balance life and work how to get stuff done

Design Core 300: Identity
Instructor: Melanie Burk
Description: Learn the process of creating a strong identity for a company (or yourself) and going through all of the steps from research, brainstorming, and edits to implementation and complete branding.
Category: computer - othercomputer
Tags: Identity Branding Illustrator Design Photoshop

Diet & Exercise Myths
Instructor: Elizabeth Dall
Description: How many lightning-fast, new age, foolproof diet and exercise programs can you name off the top of your head? In this class, I will bust some diet and exercise myths to help you on your path to whole body wellness.
Category: health - bodysport
Tags: Nutrition Exercise Health

Easy Home Organization
Instructor: Bonnie Dewkett
Description: This class will cover organizational ideas for every area of your home: garage/attic/basement, kitchen/pantry, entry ways, closets, kids' spaces, places to donate, time management, and more!
Category: home - cleaning
Tags: organize organization kids family home clutter stuff closets clothing toys clean possessions house garage basement attic storage container

Exercise Program 101
Instructor: Elizabeth Dall
Description: Want to start an exercise program? Don't know where to begin? For upwards of $60 an hour you can hire a personal trainer, or for much less you can learn the principles of creating a successful, personal exercise program here!
Category: health - bodysport
Tags: Exercise Fitness Health Weight Loss

French Macarons
Instructor: Mindy Cone
Description: Make macarons like the french! Step by step tutorial by the author of a french macaron cookbook!
Category: food - cookies
Tags: dessert cookies macarons french macarons cooking cookbook recipe

Frugality Camp Bundle
Instructor: Jordan Page
Description: A 15-class bundle to teach you everything you'd need to know about "Getting Financially Fit!" Recorded life from the Frugality Boot Camp'14 conference. *Because our video quality is high, Firefox is required.
Category: home - otherhome
Tags: money budgeting spending saving insurance money management frugality frugality boot camp

Great Portrait Photography
Instructor: Justin Hackworth
Description: Capturing emotion in your portrait photography
Category: photography
Tags: photography portraits portrait photography portrait

Holiday Prep Boot Camp
Instructor: Megan Willis
Description: Learn how to create simple systems to help you accomplish everything on your holiday to-do list (before the 24th!) AND keep your focus on the parts of the holidays you actually love and look forward to.
Category: home - cleaning
Tags: Christmas Planning Organizing Holidays Organization Presents Hanukkah Kwanzaa New Year's Eve New Year's Day Winter Traveling Overnight Guests Hosting Printables

How To Build A Shed
Instructor: Chris Cockrell
Description: This class will teach you the steps to build your own back yard storage shed. It shows you how to build the foundation, floor, walls, roof and door. The class has over 140 photographs and step by step instructions to help you visually understand the shed building process.
Category: home
Tags: How to build a shed build a garden shed building a shed class class to build a shed

Illustrator 100: Essentials
Instructor: Alma Loveland
Description: Get up and running in Adobe Illustrator. Whether you are starting from zero or have basic experience, this course will leave you feeling confident and capable.
Category: computer - illustrator
Tags: Illustrator Adobe Illustrator Illustrator class Illustrator tutorials basic Illustrator class Alma Loveland Nicole's Classes Alma Loveland illustrator pen tool illustrator course online illustrator course online illustrator class beginning illustrator class beginning illustrator vector graphics illustrator essentials illustrator pen tool illustrator creative cloud illustrator cc illustrator 101 illustrator 100

Make-Ahead Casseroles
Instructor: Corri Thomas
Description: Tired of trying to figure out what's for dinner every night? Why not prepare flavorful make-ahead freezer casseroles that the whole family can enjoy? Step-by-step instructions and a grocery list are provided. Eat great tasting meals with less preparation stress.
Category: food - entrees
Tags: make ahead meals make ahead meals cooking baking crockpot meals family coupon lasagna beginner sauce noodles cheese meal planning freezer meals freeze freezer save time save money money time best class make ahead freezer meals casserole casseroles cooking for beginners homemade is healthier

Makeup Essentials
Instructor: Logan Smith
Description: Collection of lessons on a variety of basic makeup techniques, including color matching, foundation and camouflage application, brow shaping, and eye and lip enhancements.
Category: fashion
Tags: Makeup Basic Techniques Application

Modern Buttercream
Instructor: Ashlee Prisbrey
Description: Buttercream went out of style for a while, but it's back. And it's gorgeous. In this class, I'll share my secret buttercream recipe and teach some traditional piping techniques with added flair. So, let's get ready to ruffle!
Category: food - cakes
Tags: cake cakes cake decorating buttercream wedding cakes ruffles shells piping icing

Mystery Shopping
Instructor: Penny Christensen
Description: Mystery Shopping can be a fun, part time income source.  Using your skills developed by hours at the mall shopping and people watching you are halfway to earning cash while you are out on your next errand.
Category: business
Tags: shopping mystery shopping work from home part time work

Sewing 101
Instructor: Claudia Miller
Description: Sewing 101 is for the adult who wants to learn to sew using a sewing machine. You will learn the fundamentals of sewing in order to set a good foundation for creating beautifully sewn projects.
Category: crafts - sewing
Tags: Sewing 101 Learn to Sew Sewing Sewing Machines

Sweet Party Plan
Instructor: Victoria Brown
Description: Throw a party for someone sweet! You will receive a party invite design ("Sweets for the Sweet"), style sheet, a to-do list to guide you, printables, tutorials, recipes, and lots of ideas for making a memorable party.
Category: food - entertaining
Tags: party planning tutorial birthday party plan

Thai Flavors: Introduction
Instructor: Eden Hensley
Description: Explore Thai cooking today. Discover core flavors (sweet, sour, spicy, salty, and bitter), stock your pantry with a few basics, and then with no special kitchenware required make two classic dishes: Tom Yum Soup and Green Curry.
Category: food - soups
Tags: Thai cooking recipes ingredients pantry soup curry food

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