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Accelerated Mapmaking

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The Steps Accelerator is a hands-on digital map-making program that provides established social media influencers, content creators, and brands with the tools, resources, and knowledge to create exceptional maps for their communities.
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How it works

The Steps Accelerator connects you with the Steps Map Development Team to offer white-glove assistance in defining, creating, and managing your very own map for your audience to engage with and love.

Free of charge, the program enables you to build a map from scratch on Steps in minutes by giving you direct access to the Steps Map Development team. You will also gain an exclusive first-look at new features and a range of detailed map analytics that are currently only available through the accelerator.

Who can apply?

Social media influencers, community managers and brands, who have a strong community and are eager to grow engagement with their audience
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The accelerator is a 3-month program where participants meet bi-weekly, or more if desired, with the Steps Map Development Team to share ideas, build, and refine all aspects of their map. The program allows for enough time to build the map, go through multiple refinement periods, and allows for a seamless hand-off once the Accelerator is completed.


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Breakdown mapping options and understand audience needs

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Optimizing your map and settings

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Adding tags and ratings

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Adding locations

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Embedding your map and how to
invite new users

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Promoting and marketing your map (from ideas for posting to PR and SEO)

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Refining your map with ongoing guidance and improvements

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