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Gluten Free Eats

Find gluten-free restaurants, bakeries, and cafés worldwide based on your safety criteria, location, and food preferences.

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Filter by safety levels

Restaurants, bakeries and cafe’s are organized by their level of celiac awareness and gluten-free options. Find places that match your criteria so you can eat out with confidence.

Find gluten-free places

Reduce your gluten-free research

Vetted information about every place’s celiac accommodations, methods to avoid cross-contamination, and gluten-free options.

Location-based search

Find gluten-free spots by location, so you can quickly see what options are around you or what’s in the area you’re going to be in. Decrease the time you spend planning where to eat.

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Built with dieticians and celiac experts

We equip you with important information about each place to reduce the possibilities of getting sick or going hungry.

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320K+ reviews by the celiac community

See what people like you say about where they ate, so you can make an informed decision about where to eat. This app is designed for the celiac community. These are reviews you can trust.

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Conveniently bookmark and save specific restaurants, bars, or cafés you want to try so you can plan in advance! Particularly useful for planning your trips.

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Advanced food filters

Search by cuisine, dining preferences, food type, place type, and other dietary restrictions so you can tailor your selection to your needs.

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What our community has to say

I have been using it now for 3 months and it saves me so much research. Reduces the need to call and double check every time.

Kenneth Meisel
Gluten Intolerant

Finding places to eat used to be such a drag. Atly made it so much easier. Love it!

Jane Grinberg
Highly symptomatic celiac

I’ve discovered great options in my city I was not aware of. Highly recommend it if you are Celiac.

Ann Stanley
Asymptomatic Celiac

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