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How to Become a Campus Influencer

If you’re a college student and you love exploring your campus and the surrounding area–finding the best places to go for whatever it is you’re into–our campus influencer program is for you! 

Here’s the deal. We built an app that millions of people around the world are using to find the best places to go. They’re finding those places in maps based on what they’re into. Those maps all started with people (like you!) who have some kind of interest–like knowing the best brunch spots in town, or where the best hikes in their area are. 

We know you’re in-the-know about places to go around campus for the best Mexican food, or the best first date, or the best discount clothing. Because you’ve been places, and you know which ones are solid and which ones… well… aren’t.

With our campus influencer program, you can turn that knowledge into cash in your pocket. 

If you’ve already got content on Instagram or TikTok, you’re even closer to becoming a campus influencer with Alty. All it takes is creating a map (it’s easy, but we can help) and adding places you’ve already posted about on social media. 


  • You can drop places you’ve already posted about on your socials into your map within seconds. 
  • People around campus join your map and not only discover great places thanks to YOU, but also contribute their own gems to your map.
  • You’re now a campus influencer, a go-to for the best places to go. With this, you have the unique opportunity to build a brand around yourself (if you want to), connect with local brands and businesses (if you want to), have an impact on how people enjoy their experience at your college or university, and more.
  • Oh, and you’ll earn $$$. 

Sound interesting? Tell us a bit about yourself here and we’ll be in touch if it’s a match!

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