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The Power of Tags

Having great places on your Atly map is one thing. Yep, it's a big one. And so is making it easy for people to find those places. 

Introducing, tags: a simple yet powerful way to help people find exactly what they’re looking for on your map, fast. 


When you create a tag, it becomes an option people can filter for when they perform a search in your map. In that way, tags make it possible to find the most relevant places within seconds.

Below, you'll find steps for creating tags in both the Map Manager and on your mobile. Before you dive in, keep in mind that the tags you create should align with what your map members are interested in. For example, if your map is about food, you might include tags for different cuisines, as well as ambiance and price.

Creating tags in the Map Manager: 

1. Log in and head to the Tags page. There, you'll see the "Add category" button. Tags (like "Pizza") are grouped in categories (like "Cuisine").

2. Click “Add category” and select how you’d like to create a new tag category. Use "New category" to create a custom category with your own tags, or "Choose a template" if you want to use pre-made categories that you can edit.

3. If you selected "New category," simply enter a category name and then add tags within it. Repeat this process for every category of tags you'd like to include in your map.

4. If you selected “Choose a template,” the Tag Templates pop-up opens. Select any tag categories you’d like by hovering over them and clicking “Select category.” When you’re all set, click “Done” at the top right of the window.

5. Back on the main Tags screen, you’ll see the new tag categories and tags you created. Click the drop-down menu on any tag to edit it.

Use the drop-down menu on the far right of the tag group to rename, move or delete the category.


Creating tags on your mobile:

1. Open Atly and tap on the map you manage. Then, tap on the Filter button at the top right of the screen.

2. Tap “Add Category” located at the bottom left of the screen.

3. In the Edit Category screen that appears, add a Category name. Note that tags (like "Pizza") are grouped into categories (like “Cuisine"). 

4. Add tags in the tag input fields. To add more than three tags, use the “Add tag” button at the bottom left of the screen.

5. When you’re all set, tap “Done”!

Editing your tags

Things change sometimes. We get it. If you ever want to make some adjustments to your map’s tags, just head over to the main Filter screen. Use the ellipsis menu next to each tag category to edit the category name and the tags within it. You can also long-press on any tag to edit its name.

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