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Discover New Favorite Places with Atly

When it comes to finding your new favorite restaurant, trail, bar – or whatever it is you’re looking for – there’s no shortage of places to go (pun intended). So, why would we create another one?

Atly is an app unlike any other for finding the best places. Instead of sending you scrolling through endless feeds, or serving up outdated reviews that may not even be authentic, Atly offers you the opportunity to join groups of people who are interested in the same types of things as you. 

These people, they’ve been places. And they’re sharing about them in different groups on Atly – like NYC Date Night, which has over 350 of the city’s hottest spots for romance (be still my heart!), and the Street Art Initiative which has more than 650 places around the world for taking in the finest street art.

Joining groups on Atly means you’re signing up to discover new places through the experiences of people who’ve been there, with recent and relevant insights from them to guide your way. 

You can join all the groups that spark your interest and enjoy Atly as a group member. Or, you can leverage Atly as a creator and offer your friends and followers a fresh new way to engage with your content and with one another. You can also do both. We’ll allow it.

For creators, we’ve developed a suite of tools to make it super easy for you to create a group that people will love and lean on. Adding places and content like posts and pictures is a breeze. Tools like tags and ratings make it easy for people who join your group to find exactly what they’re looking for and add their own insights. And features like Announcements give you extra ways to engage your community and even send them push notifications. 

“The Atly experience is all about bringing people closer together by sharing what we love,” said Jesse Weber, creator of Boise Trails. “It’s about recommending your own favorite places and discovering new ones, exploring the world with the help of others.” Aw, Jesse. You really get us.

We created Atly to bring people together around the things that matter to them, and to give them access to real insights from people just like them so they can discover the best places to spend their time.

Ready to dive in? Get the free Atly app and see what you discover. Want to make your own group? Right on! Create your free account in the Map Manager and get started today.

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