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Explore the Great Outdoors with Atly

The Atly experience is all about bringing people closer together by sharing what we love. It’s about recommending your own favorite places and discovering new ones, exploring the world with the help of others. And if you ask me, there’s no better experience to share than exploring the great outdoors.

As an avid hiker and adventure traveler, I use Atly for mapping my favorite parks and trails, and for finding new destinations in the places that I visit. Every community has its share of outdoor activities, and I think everyone should have the chance to experience them. Spending time in nature not only makes us happier, it helps us connect with one another and become better citizens of the world. That’s why I believe in sharing my passion and helping people get outside.

That’s also why I’m excited to find so many Atly maps for the outdoors! Clearly lots of other Atly members feel the same as I do, and use the app to share their own favorite destinations with their communities. So far I’ve discovered maps for hiking and other outdoor activities across the USA, and some in other countries as well. I want to highlight a few so that you can join them, too!

Dig the Falls

A community for fans of waterfalls, this map shares waterfall hikes and other trails across New York. It currently has over 1,000 places, showing nearly endless options for exploration just in one US state!

Picnic USA

This map is all about picnics! From the cliffs of Malibu to the lakeshores of Minnesota, Picnic USA shares idyllic picnic spots that come with tables and facilities, so you can enjoy the perfect lunch with natural views.

RV Lifestyle

A map made for RV travelers and van lifers, but useful to anyone who likes road tripping and camping, RV Lifestyle has hundreds of handy destinations across the USA.

LA Outdoors

Los Angeles is famous for a lot of reasons, but not many people realize how incredible the outdoors can be. From anywhere in the cities you can drive one direction to walk along the beach, or the other to hike up in the mountains. Even a lot of residents don’t know just how accessible their outdoors are, so this Atly map is all about helping Californians get outside!

New Jersey Hiking & Camping Spots

Though not well known for its outdoors, New Jersey offers lots of parks and trails throughout the state. It’s really not hard to get away from the road and into the forest, or up a hilltop for some incredible views. This Atly map shares the most popular and some off-the-beaten path destinations to explore.

Central Texas MTB Destinations

The city of Austin is a major hub for the outdoors in Texas, and mountain biking is one of the top activities. Locals and visitors alike can find new trails and participate in the community with this Atly map focused on the Austin area.


This map is for Cuyahoga Valley National Park, a highly underrated outdoor escape in the Midwest. Even though it’s close to urban cities of Ohio, this expansive woodland park has many miles of trails and rivers to explore.

Colorado Springs - Must See & Eat!

More than just the outdoors, this unique map shares all kinds of things to do around Colorado Springs, Colorado. From local hot spots for food and nightlife to remote picnic spots and hiking trails, you can find it all here!

Fido Friendly

This growing map is much needed for outdoor lovers who are also dog lovers. It shares destinations with trails, campgrounds, or beaches that are dog friendly, so Fido can always come along on your adventures. 

If you don’t see a map for your area or favorite activity, you might consider creating your own to help your community get outside. Because we’re all better off by spending time in nature, I hope you’ll get out and explore. Find a new favorite trail, share it with your friends, and keep it clean so that everyone can enjoy the same experience.

Ready to dive in? Get the free Atly app and see what you discover. Want to make your own group? Right on! Create your free account in the Map Manager and get started today.

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