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Hunt for Ghosts All year Long

What happens when there’s a pandemic and the world is basically shut down? Well, for some, the call for craftiness and random acts of kindness rings louder than ever!

That was the case for Londoners Kate Paxton and Phil Hilton. Around Halloween time in October 2021, these lovers of all things cute and ghostly (and a little bit spooky) created The Great Global Ghost Hunt – a local Facebook group for crafty folks who wanted to “bring a little ghostly cheer to people.”

The idea was for members to create ghosts – using materials ranging from wood to old milk bottles, to cross-stitch and beyond – and hide these ghosts around their neighborhoods for unsuspecting passersby to happily discover. 

Ghosts were hidden with a sweet note: “Now you’ve found me, take me home, a little ghost to call your own.” Talk about a fun way to bring a smile to strangers’ faces!

As it turned out, people love creating–and discovering–ghosts year around! Before long, The Great Global Ghost Hunt group expanded to other parts of the UK, and eventually even reached the United States. 

With the help of the Atly team, Kate and Phil were able to take their group a step further and create a map that allowed anyone, from any part of the world, to get in on the fun. 

The Great British Ghost Hunt of 2021 map quickly grew to include over 100 places from different parts of the world, with people adding spots where they hid ghosts and also found them.

With the popularity of the 2021 map, the duo decided to keep the hunt going with a 2022 map you can now join and contribute to! Scan the code below with your mobile to join the fun: 

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