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San Antonio Foodies Unite!

We’re thrilled to share that San Antonio Restaurants has featured us in the December holiday edition of their online publication, “Dishin’ with SA Gold!”

With more than 5k followers on Facebook, 12,000 followers on Instagram, an active website and a digital publication, San Antonio Restaurants is a go-to source for foodies and also for locals looking for the best places to eat in San Antonio.

Beyond helping people discover new and exciting restaurants in the San Antonio area, this group also gets their members VIP deals and perks at local dining spots. And now, with the creation of the San Antonio Restaurants Atly map, they’re allowing members to help curate a comprehensive and reliable guide to the best dining spots in the city, and share their recommendations with others.

Here at Atly, we love to see the new and creative ways people are using the app to explore, and San Antonio Restaurants is a shining example. If you’re in town, and you love food like we do, be sure to check out the San Antonio Restaurants map for recommendations and inspiration. We’re thrilled to be part of this group’s journey as they continue growing and covering all the San Antonio dining scene has to offer!

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